Not just ‘Beans on Toast’


Beans on toast is and has always been a firm favourite in our house, however I wanted to make this simple, nutritious staple, a little more interesting. I usually go for the reduced salt and sugar variety from Heinz. I’m conscious of the sugar and salt levels in our diet so this is a good option, however it does leave the beans lacking a little in the flavour department. You can buy ready sliced chorizo  in most supermarkets and this richly flavoured ingredient goes a long way without adding too many calories. Three slices are just 54 calories and bring a nice smoky, spicy flavour to the beans. Then a handful of baby spinach and tomatoes for a vitamin and iron boost. Both spinach and tomatoes are particularly rich in vitamin k. Served on a slice of sourdough toast with a poached egg, this made a delightful lunch on a rainy Tuesday.

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