Hello Flavour Generator!


Pork and Apple Burger with Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips

This week I had the opportunity to try out the new ‘Flavour Generator’ tool on the fantastic Hello Fresh website. It’s a brilliant way to get some foodie inspiration and try out new recipes. You just click on the drop down box and select the type of cuisine you fancy (e.g British, Italian, Mexican) and then select the kind of flavour you are going for (e.g Spicy, Sweet, Herby) and hit ‘Generate my Flavour!’


You then get a recipe based on your choices plus more options to choose from. I selected ‘British’ and ‘Herby’ and was given a fantastic recipe for Pork and apple burgers with rosemary. Sounded yummy! So that’s what I made….


I started out with a pack of extra lean pork mince (less than 5% fat which I got at Morrisons) Then I added a peeled, grated apple and some chopped rosemary. I also added a little extra kick with some grated lemon and a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard. Then formed four burgers and sprayed with a little oil on a baking sheet and cooked at 200 for about 18-20 mins.


The recipe also included rosemary chips so I made mine with sweet potato. I cut two small sweet potatoes and steamed them for 7 mins. The I sprayed with a little olive oil, sprinkled on the rosemary with sea salt and black pepper and again baked them in the oven. These take around 30 mins.


I make homemade burgers quite often but I usually use turkey mince. However the pork mince was much more flavourful, especially with the sweetness of the apple and I much preferred this version. I will definitely make them again.

I served the burgers on warm toasted brioche buns with plenty of rocket and a little caramelised onion relish. Absolutely delicious! I saw so many fantastic recipe ideas when I was looking through the flavour generator, I will definitely use this brilliant little tool again for some delicious dinner inspiration!


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